Teens in Print's new website is publishing more than journalism.

The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent school closures have left many of us feeling disconnected. We believe that publication has the power to rebuild those connections.

Teens in Print created Writing through the Distance to publish youth perspectives—to build camaraderie, invite public discourse, and engage community leaders. Visit the site for original poetry, journalism, multimedia, and more.

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About Writing through the Distance

Writing through the Distance is a new project of Teens in Print created to elevate the voices of Greater Boston youth in a time when we are increasingly seeking connection due to the challenges created by the coronavirus pandemic. As Boston’s citywide high school newspaper, our goal has always been to provide a space for students to express themselves and advocate for change, while simultaneously providing a platform for adults to connect with authentic youth perspectives.

As COVID-19 has drastically changed how Boston’s schools and summer programs operate, we believe that encouraging students to write and allowing them to experience the academic, professional, and socioemotional benefits of publication is more valuable than ever. At the same time, school and community leaders will continue to make decisions that directly impact our youth. We hope to play a role in connecting student advocates to those decision makers.

Any Greater Boston student between the ages of 13 and 18 can submit writing to the project using the form here. We’re featuring projects from our Teens in Print journalists, students working with our community partners, and more.

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