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Teens in Print (TiP) is a writing program created to amplify the marginalized voices of eighth to twelfth-grade Boston students. TiP offers an after-school program, an intensive six-week summer writing program, writing and media literacy workshops for Boston teachers and community organizations, and an online platform for student writing. 

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive writing program that encourages and celebrates the diversity of thought and identity. TiP believes that empowering students to explore, refine, and share their ideas is a prerequisite to creating young adults who do well in the world and for the world. We strive to give students the tools to effectively share their experiences and perspectives through writing, the platform to reach decision-makers who can act on their ideas, and the knowledge to become thoughtful consumers of media.

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The spaces in which youth share their ideas are not always taken seriously. Teens’ opinions are often dismissed or invalidated due to the misconception that age is a necessity for meaningful contributions to society. Because we believe in the power of amplifying youth voices, TiP invites students of all writing levels and backgrounds to share their stories with a larger audience. Young people should not only consume diverse media narratives but also have the skills and confidence to create their own. 

Our staff writers meet after school to learn about new types of writing, build connections across the city, and discuss the changing world around them. Participants also have the unique opportunity to become published writers as middle and high schoolers and end each programming cycle with at least one product to add to their writing portfolio. 

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Even if you’re juggling participation in other extra curricular activities and can’t commit to weekly meetings, you can still get published on the Teens in Print website. We accept all genres of writing: hard news stories, opinion pieces, personal essays, creative writing, poetry, and more. Submit your work at the link below.

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"I now no longer rush into the most challenging practice when trying something new, I take my time and work my way up slowly"

Read about the lessons John learned while skiing.

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