As an authentic platform for youth voice and topics, Teens in Print is a ready resource for classroom learning.

Use the TiP Curriculum Guide

Teens in Print can be used in middle and high school level classrooms to extend learning through writing activities. All curriculum guides are aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core Standards and are distributed to approximately 200 Boston educators and community leaders. Guides comes out five times per year, with the newspaper publication.

Read our current curriculum guide for Teens in Print here.

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Submit Classroom Writing for Publication

Teens in Print partners with teachers to publish select pieces from classroom writing projects. The newspaper provides students with an authentic audience: their writing will be distributed throughout Boston’s public high schools, libraries, and community centers – along with the wide-spanning readership of the internet!
To make student writing publication-ready, the Teens in Print manager will visit your classroom to help students edit and revise their work for inclusion in the newspaper. Read the newspaper online.

Submit classroom writing

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