WriteBoston’s assessment strategy is driven by the same questions that undergird our mission: are we making a difference in the life trajectories of high needs youth? What impact are we having on college acceptance, attrition, and completion? Do changes we espouse make it through the classroom door and impact the educational outcomes of students?

In assessing our work, we use a combination of measurement tools: qualitative surveys, classroom level audits of student reading/writing/discussion; pre and post assessments; end-of-year test scores and embedded assessments; college acceptance rates; and rates of usage and scope of influence.

Addressing reading and writing proficiency is critical to closing the achievement gap. By focusing on high leverage literacy strategies, WriteBoston empowers both students and educators, enabling teachers to support ALL of their students in making academic gains.

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2017–2018 Highlights

Professional Development & Coaching


educators served through high-quality professional development in writing and literacy instruction


school districts and 3 education organizations supported across Massachusetts


educators reported that their WriteBoston professional development increased their effectiveness in their role

Writing Centers


one-on-one writing tutorials with 346 Boston high school students


of students who used the Writing Center 3+ times felt that their writing improved because they worked with a tutor


of teachers saw growth in student engagement with writing assignments after their students worked with a tutor

Teens in Print


Boston teens served through programming and publication


articles published in 4 issues of the Boston Teens in Print newspaper


program sites in 2017-18, through collaborations with youth-serving organizations and other partners