As an authentic platform for youth voice and topics, Teens in Print is a ready resource for classroom learning.

Introduce Your Students to Teens in Print

Teens in Print welcomes new students into the program on a rolling basis. Connect us to your students by scheduling a 15-minute presentation in your classroom.

Teens in Print welcomes any 8th-12th grade student. No journalism experience is required. In addition to helping teens build their writing and critical thinking skills, Teens in Print also provides comprehensive support around the college application process.

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Book a Teens in Print Workshop

Teens in Print offers workshops that bring journalism and college readiness into your classroom. In these workshops, students explore various topics, including fake news, interviewing skills, and the college application process. These experiences are designed to pique your students’ interest in current events, enhance their media literacy skills, prepare them for post-secondary education, and demonstrate the power of writing for an audience.

Click here for a menu of interactive one hour workshops available to 8-12th graders.

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Submit Classroom Writing for Publication

Teens in Print encourages teachers to publish select pieces from classroom writing projects. The newspaper provides students with an authentic audience. Their writing will be distributed throughout Boston’s public high schools, libraries, and community centers⁠—along with the wide-spanning readership of the internet!

To make student writing publication-ready, the Teens in Print team will work directly with your student writers, digitally revising their work for inclusion in the newspaper.

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Receive the Digital Teens in Print Newspaper

Teens in Print is delivered across Boston to schools, community centers, and partner organizations. The newspaper is published four times per year, in print and online.

Read the current issue of Teens in Print here.

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