Dear WriteBoston community,

As I often tell my children, if a decision is tough to make, it’s probably because it is important. This is one of those moments for me. I’m writing today to share that over the next few months, I will be transitioning out of my role as Executive Director. After six years as the leader and twelve years total at WriteBoston, I’m stepping away to prioritize my family and the evolving needs of my children and parents at an important time in our shared lives.

This has been a tremendously hard decision. I’ve worked it through a million times over, and each time I come to the same conclusion. You can love something with all your heart, and also acknowledge it can exist – and thrive – without you! It has been an honor to be part of this organization. I feel great pride for what we’ve accomplished together over this past decade and true excitement for the next era for WriteBoston.

WriteBoston’s mission is to foster transformative learning experiences for youth and educators. I can say without hesitation that this job and this organization have been truly transformative for me. I’ve championed our work for over a decade, and marvel at the commitment and support WriteBoston has received as we’ve grown in our scope and more deeply anchored our values. I couldn’t be more confident in the capacity of our staff, Board of Directors, and the community of partners who believe in this mission, to continue our forward momentum.

Our Board of Directors is in the process of identifying a new leader to start at the beginning of 2023. I am working closely with them and our staff to ensure a smooth transition and that the essential activities of this organization continue without interruption.

My heart is full of gratitude for this community’s commitment to young people’s educational experiences. I look forward to continuing to connect with many of you before my exit at the end of the year.

For now, however, back to work!

With gratitude,

Sarah Poulter
Executive Director