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Common Core Workshops

The Common Core Standards make one thing clear: helping students develop strong literacy skills is the responsibility of every teacher in the school.

In other words, teachers must teach their content through powerful writing and reading practices. For students to write informatively on a technical topic or argumentatively on a historical subject, teachers need practical training on how to teach content writing effectively.

WriteBoston writing coaches are experts on the Common Core, the Massachusetts State Frameworks, and the new PARCC assessments. WriteBoston runs workshops and week-long institutes, working with interdisciplinary teams of teachers and administrators to identify the critical writing habits and practices teachers need to prepare students for the Common Core Standards.

WriteBoston believes that regular writing deepens content learning, that more writing does not have to translate to more grading, and that great student writing begins with carefully crafted questions and assignments that promote engagement and critical thinking.

Participants in WriteBoston's professional development programs learn how to:

Engage students with high level questions that demand critical thinking;
Capture student learning with daily writing exercises, including formal, informal, process, and product writing;
Model writing for their students;
Give purposeful, targeted feedback so students will revise their writing and;
Help students see that with a clear purpose, task, and audience, writing structures unfold naturally.

WriteBoston staff are available to provide professional development workshops for schools and districts. Workshops can range from one afternoon to a series of workshops or a full week of intensive professional development.

To learn more or to schedule a workshop, contact Director Betty Southwick.