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Short-Term Professional Development

Workshops | Series | Academies | Institutes

Not every teacher has access to coaching, but that doesn’t mean a school should have to settle for the old “stand and deliver”—professional development that doesn’t recognize and build on a school’s strengths. Professional development done well—responsive to authentic needs, deeply tied to implementation, and delivered with an awareness of who’s in the classroom—can lead to real change.

WriteBoston’s array of short-term professional development sessions enables educators to identify a problem—such as “our students aren’t writing” or “our writing instruction isn’t aligned to the Common Core”—and receive targeted, customized assistance to address those needs.

WriteBoston prides itself on creating a collaborative environment where teachers can share their writing challenges and successes while learning new strategies for building student writing skills.

By working with teacher teams, departments, or an entire school, WriteBoston sessions can help teachers:

Demystify the writing process for students.
Gain fluency in the demands of the Common Core writing anchor standards and the tasks students will have to perform on assessments aligned to new standards
Use writing to generate solutions to instructional challenges.
Integrate regular, purposeful writing across all content areas.
Match curriculum to instructional goals through planning and follow-up.
Inventory existing units and curricula and add Common Core-aligned writing goals to assessments, rubrics and lessons.
Engage students with high-level questions that demand critical thinking.
Give purposeful, targeted feedback on student writing.
Capture student learning with daily writing exercises, including formal, informal, process, and product writing.
Acquire a bank of resources and materials teachers can bring back to the classroom.

Short-term professional development can take a variety of forms, based on needs and time and budget constraints.

Workshops: A WriteBoston coach will lead a one-time professional development session, from two hours to a full day, on a discrete topic within the writing process.
Series: WriteBoston meets with staff multiple times over a series of weeks or months to introduce teachers to new practices, give them time to practice, and check back in during implementation.
Academies: Surrounded by their peers, teachers from one school work intensively with a WriteBoston coach over two to five consecutive days on various component(s) of writing instruction and the writing process.
Institutes: Held off-site during school breaks, Institutes allow teachers to meet and collaborate with subject area peers from other schools while earning graduate credit and/or professional development points (PDPs). Current offerings include Writing in the Common Core and Effective Writing in the Humanities.

To learn more about our tailored professional development, contact Jessie Gerson, Deputy Director.