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The Power of Professional Development

Teacher Testimonials

"Our coach caters to the needs of the teachers and students and designs strategies to enhance teaching and learning. She is approachable, knowledgeable, kind-hearted and humble."

- Mid-Career History Teacher, Boston Public School

"Our coach is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the Common Core and has a wealth of experience teaching High School writing. She was able to share best practices from her own teaching experience that greatly helped me improve my own. One of the most effective parts our coaching relationship was that she always began each session with goal setting so that I could clearly articulate my goals for the unit/assignment before generating criteria for success and the objectives leading up to the assignment."

- Early Career English Department Chair, Public Charter High School

“Each time I met with my coach, I had her undivided attention. She gave me very specific and concrete recommendations and commendations. She also allowed me to work through problems so I could come to a conclusion rather than telling me what I should be doing. At the same time, when I needed direct coaching, she was able to do that in a way I was receptive to.”

- Mid-Career English Teacher, Regional Voc Tech High School

“My coach listens well to my needs and knows how to zero in on the issue at hand. She gives constructive, diplomatic, informed and realistic feedback. She “gets it” in terms of dealing with our urban, English Language Learner population.”

- Early-Career English Teacher, Specialized High School for Immigrant Students

"Working with WriteBoston is one of the few professional development experiences in which I feel that I am actually developing my skills as an educator."

-Veteran Special Education teacher, Boston Public School

"From working and thinking with our WriteBoston coach, I have come to a broader and deeper understanding of what good critical literacy looks like in mathematics. Further, I have had the opportunity to consider what writing assessments make sense and seem genuine for students. I have become more convinced that standards like the writing anchor standards and the math practices are so much more necessary and useful than the particular content."

-Mid-career Math Teacher, Boston Public School

Building a Community of Writers

Writing Center Testimonials

"My writing has always been…whatever was in my head [as] I wrote it. With the help of the tutors, I have been able to focus more and plan first before writing. I have changed how I write and what I do before writing."

- Student, Boston International High School

“ I like working with [the tutors] because they make me feel welcome. They listen to what I have to say and give me their thoughts and ideas and what they think. They ask what I think. I like the Writing Center because it is a place where I can come get help if I’m having trouble.

- Student, The English High School

It's like the tutor put her hands into my brain and moved my ideas around. They were my ideas, but she helped me see how they were organized. Thank you!”

- Student, Community Academy of Science and Health

“…the Writing Center is amazing. Last year some of our most challenging students found it a safe space to receive support without feeling like he/she was falling behind ... the WriteBoston Coach and her team are a great support to have in the building.”

- Administrator, The English High School

“The most noticeable progress my students made in their writing was in their analysis. The Writing Tutors pushed [students] to explain their evidence and its connection to their thesis by elaborating meaning and providing context.  After working with the tutors, their papers felt fuller and meatier - and more interesting."

- Special Education Teacher, The English High School

“For [one of my students], the Writing Center was a haven.  Every Thursday, no matter what stage of research we were in, he asked to go to the Writing Center.  He also worked there during his advisory, study periods, and after school. The Writing Center provided him the space he needed for focusing on his work coupled with the support of a tutor to check in on him…and then to keep track of his progress. Whenever he was stuck, whether with a word, an idea, or where to go next, his tutors helped him. His final research paper was purposeful, complete, and thoughtful.  I truthfully don’t think he would have finished if it weren’t for the Writing Center.”

- Veteran ELA teacher, Boston International High School